Falling Meteors Mod Wiki

Meteor Mod Update Info V2.10.1

The Meteor Timer was added in update 2.10.1. The purpose of this block is to tell you when a meteor is going to crash. It does not tell you where, but it will tell you when. It conveys this information through redstone using two different modes:

  • Power Mode
  • Quick Mode

You can tell which mode a Meteor Timer is set on by either right-clicking on the block or by simply looking at the block (Version 2.14). Right-clicking on the block will change the mode.

Power Mode: Power mode will output a redstone signal with a strength based on how soon a meteor is to crash into the world. The sooner a meteor is to crash, the stronger the signal. The max length of the signal is 15 blocks (normal max length of a redstone signal). A practical use of this mode would be to setup an array of redstone lamps. Once all lamps are lit, then you know a meteor is about to crash. A quick example of this is in the video on the right.

Quick Mode: Quick mode will simply output a redstone signal when a meteor is just about to crash.


Meteorite Ingot

Meteorite Block

Frozen Iron


Kreknorite Ingot

Meteorite Block

Meteor Timer