The Meteor Shield is quite possibly the most important block from this mod. Not only does it protect your land from a meteor
Meteor Shield in World
crashing down on it, it also collects some of the materials from the meteor it destroyed. It also is used to help track the appearance of comets in the atmosphere.

The strength of your Meteor Shield is determined by its power level. The highest power level you can have is 5. To increase your power level, you must insert Red Meteor Gems into the shield. The higher the power level, the more land the shield protects. Power level does not determine if a meteor can be blocked or not. All types of meteors at any size will be blocked by the shield no matter the power level.

You can test your land for protection with a Protected Land Test Torch.

Comet DetectionEdit

When a comet falls within the range of your shield, it will show up on your shield's information panel. Currently in the latest version, you can't prevent comets from falling down, but this feature will be added in a future update. Comets are now able to be blocked by turning the ability on in the Meteor Shield's UI. It's a big button so you shouldn't be able to miss it. Comets are relatively harmless to the environment so you shouldn't have much to worry about.


Crafting GUI.png

Meteorite Ingot



Meteorite Ingot



Meteorite Ingot



Meteor Shield


Meteor Shield UI

Information PanelEdit

The information panel allows you to check your power level, shield range, owner, and comet tracking information. When the Meteor Shield is first placed, it will display how much more it needs to charge before the shield becomes active. You can place a Meteorite Chip into the Meteor Chip Charging Bypass Slot to skip the charging process.

Power Gem SlotsEdit

The power gem slots are what determines the power level and range of the Meteor Shield. You can of course take out the gems to adjust these levels at any time.

Gathered Meteor MaterialsEdit

When the Meteor Shield blocks a meteor, it will collect some of the materials from that type of meteor. You cannot insert your own items into these slots. You can only pull items out.

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