Falling Meteors Mod Wiki
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Based upon how you have configured the mod, Meteors will fall randomly from the sky. Based on default configuration, it will take about 3 to 5 days for a meteor to fall. Meteors, however, will not fall too far away from you. When a meteor's fall location is determined it is based off of a player's location (on a server, it picks a random player to base this off of). By default, it will fall anywhere between 0 and 250 blocks away from the player's position.

Once a Meteor has fallen, it is in your player's best interest to go after that meteor wherever it may have fallen. If the meteor was close enough to where the chunk was loaded, the meteor will hit the ground and begin cooling. The cooler the blocks get at the crash site, the less materials you get from them.

You can use the Meteor Detectors to help track these meteors so you don't miss an opportunity to get resources from the crash sites:

  • Meteor Proximity Detector
  • Meteor Time Detector
  • Meteor Crash Detector

You can also use a Meteor Timer block to know when a meteor is about to fall.


There are 3 important configuration options to determine where and when a meteor will fall.

Meteor Fall Deterrence:

Setting this to a higher number will decrease the frequency of meteors falling. The default for this setting is 25. You can use this chart to help you determine your preference:


Meteor Fall Radius:

The default for this is 350 blocks. Changing this setting will make meteors fall within whatever radius you set it to, based on a player's location.

Meteors Only Fall at Night

The default for this is true. This setting speaks for itself.

Meteor Size

There are two settings which determine the meteors' biggest and smallest size. Minimum Meteor Size and Maximum Meteor Size. The smallest size is 1 and the biggest a meteor can be is 3.

Meteor Type

You can disable certain meteor types from falling by changing their respective configuration values. For example, changing Meteorite Meteor Enabled to false will disable the falling of Meteorite meteors.