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Comet Kitties

The Welcome the rachel croatia,svonia,serbia re space travelling kitties that crash down from Kitty Comets. They are similar to ocelots in how they act, so they are very timid. Just like ocelots, they are tamed by carefully feeding them some raw fish.


Since they are very similar to ocelots, they can also breed with ocelots. When they breed with them, there's a 50/50 chance of either birthing an ocelot or a Comet Kitty. Just like ocelots, you feed them raw fish to get them to breed. They can also of course breed with their own kind.

Special Abilities

Comet Kitties have adapted to the harsh environments involved in space travel. They can scare away Alien Creepers and are also immunte to fire. They also have more health than their racial cousins, kill tom the kitty